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    The Liturgy Committee is responsible for nourishing and providing direction of the liturgical aspects of parish life. The committee seeks to insure that parishioners are provided with opportunities to deepen their faith through a variety of prayer experiences and liturgical celebrations and promoting ways in which each member of the assembly can share his or her gifts in the service of others..

    The committee exists to identify, call forth, develop and support the gifts of individuals to serve the community within the context of liturgy. They are responsible for the formational needs of those who have answered the call to serve; review and promote the liturgical practices of the parish and recruit and prepare new liturgical ministers. Also, they provide continuing formation opportunities for existing ministers.

    In light of the uniqueness of the needs of the parishioners due to cultural and racial diversity, the committee seeks to promote full and active participation of every member by being sensitive of their beliefs and practices.

    For more information about the Liturgy Committee, please direct your inquiries to Marguerite McLaughlin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .