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    All at the Table – Christ Centered Communities and St. Theresa’s

    In 2007, Bishop Driscoll announced his desire to begin a pastoral planning process entitled “All at the Table”.  The intent was to discern ways to build a Church of Idaho where all would be invited to use their unique gifts and particular roles to grow in personal holiness, to transform our parish communities and to renew our world.

    For this year’s priority, Christ Centered Communities, St. Theresa’s has identified the following areas to focus on:

    Nurture Hospitality

    • Create a “Welcoming Committee”, develop welcome basket, announce new members at Mass, assist them as needed to become part of our family
    • Identify all parishioners and update membership list
    • Identify those parishioners with special needs, elderly who may need extra assistance

    Build Relationships Across Cultures

    • Seek culturally diverse representation on all parish councils/committees/organizations
    • Network with local interfaith & civic organizations to meet needs of local demographics
    • Sponsor a parish-wide multicultural Mass and potluck
    • Develop handout, perhaps even develop a short workshop, on awareness and familiarity of other cultures

    Become a Community of Stewards

    • Reach out to all inactive Catholics; develop specific programs and personal contact to get those Catholics who are inactive to be part of our Catholic community again
    • Offer prayer experiences/retreats
    • Determine how to get more parishioners involved in the activities of the Church
    • Schedule a “Come and See” event where all parishioners may get to know about the various Church activities/ministries
    • Regularly recognize, thank and support those who help in parish ministry/mission

    Unite in Liturgy and Prayer

    • Determine ways that our sister churches in Pierce and Kamiah and St. Theresa’s in Orofino can move forward together
    • Be more tolerant and understanding of other religions; welcome them with open arms; provide an awareness of the needs of all people regardless of their faith

    The Parish Council will be working on implementing these Action Items throughout the rest of the year.  If you are interested in helping, please either attend a Parish Council meeting or call/email Charlene Douglas, President of the Parish Council (208.476.7405, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )